At Dynamic Kids Family Day Care children’s education and learning program is supported through the set up of the environment with designated learning center’s that allows the children to follow their interest freely and also gives them equal opportunity to take in planned special activities through the day.

At Dynamic Kids Family Day Care Provider we focus on a program for kids that is holistic – a program that covers the whole child’s development.

  • PHYSICAL Fine and Gross motor, hand/eye co-ordination, Spatial awareness.
  • SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL Self concept, self esteem and attachment issues.
  • COGNITIVE Thinking, language, problem solving, discovering, awareness building.
  • CREATIVITY Self expression, design, construction.
  • CULTURAL Support cultural identity, spirit , culture.

SunSmart recommends that all early childhood education and care services and schools have a SunSmart policy to reduce UV damage to those in their care, including staff.

Dynamic Kids- Family Day Care

Dynamic Kids- Family Day Care